Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Labrador Retriever Portrait Painting

This is my latest yellow Labrador Retriever portrait painting. It is a custom Christmas gift a thoughtful client commissioned for their dog lover friend. I sure hope he likes it! The owner and his dog were both described as bachelors, so the request was made for masculine background colors. I am always happy to do whatever I can to make each portrait just what the customer wants! The glow at the top is funny lighting on my photo, not on the painting. It is a cold, snowy, very gray day here at my home in NY and I didn't set up great lighting for this photo. Actually, photographing paintings well is a job in itself! If you are interested in commissioning your own custom dog portrait painting or other custom dog art, please visit my OtterTail Lab Art website and/or email me. This yellow Lab painting is 12 x 16", acrylic on canvas.


José said...


Great work, namely the dimensional sensation and the dog's expression.
The values are good too.

Best regards,


OtterTail said...

Thanks Jose'. My client said this "picture has certainly exceeded my expectations It looks wonderful and SO much like him." Of course that makes me very happy :-). I appreciate having another artist give me good comments as well!