Monday, December 08, 2008

Rescue Lab Home for the Holidays

Happy news for Sally, my latest foster dog. She has been adopted by a wonderful family with a new Mom and Dad and 2 kids of her own and she moved in just in time for Thanksgiving. I think she had a lot to be thankful for indeed! And I am thrilled for her that she is settling in and beginning her new life with her best paw forward.
I wish that everyone would remember all of the animals in need this holiday season and help them in any small way you can. Every little bit makes a difference. Whether it is purchasing products that donate to dog rescue, donating directly to non-profit groups that help such as Rudy's Rescue for Labrador Retrievers, adopting or fostering dogs yourself, or donating blankets, dog products or your time to the local shelter, every little bit truly does make a difference. So many non-profit dog rescue organizations are small groups of hard-working volunteers with very low budgets. Never underestimate the value of even your tiniest donation. Everyone is thankful and you will be part of saving a life. Share your happy holiday spirit!

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