Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Much Loved (or Dogs with favorite animal friends)

They are a bedraggled crew, but still much loved. They have been carried, slept on, left out in the rain and snow and mud, shaken and tugged, ripped and sewn. Pink bunny has only 1 badly torn ear left, 1 leg and no eyes. She was a post Easter sale bunny in 2008 - just in time for my Nissa puppy to join the pack and still one of Nissa's favorites. Froggy is missing an eye and poor Ducky has only 1 wing, no feet, 1 eye and a patch over her quacker. They taught our puppy mill foster puppy how to play and we all still love the ribit and quacking noises they make. Oldest of all is the mighty reindeer. He is at least 25 years old now! He was a fancy stuffed animal gift to my husband back when we were caribou biologists in Alaska. When Tallulah joined the pack as a pup in January 2006 she eyed the precious reindeer until Jim finally gave in. She was relentless in shaking him by his leg and he bears the wounds to prove it. He has no antlers left and only 1 ear, his eyes are scratched and his coat is worn, but after 3 years of "tough love" he continues to be amazingly strong. Hang in there animals - I can't bring myself to throw you away and will continue to stitch as long as you can bear it. Yes, new toys are always fun, but there are those special ones who deserve to stay around even if visitors wonder why I keep such a sorry lot. Thanks for the memories.


Shannon said...

I wish mine would keep them long enough to have a favorite. They like to rip them to shreds - especially stuffed ducks. LOL

Love the blog! Feel free to visit mine: Lab Brats Blog

OtterTail said...

Sometimes the animals have to go into hiding when a new foster dog comes or certain visitor dogs. Ducky has been in a few tug-o-wars and she quacks like mad to be saved - LOL!