Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Yellow & Black Labs

Happy Birthday Marius and Eponine!! They are 12 yrs old today. Named for favorite singer/characters in the celebration concert of Les Miserables, my Marius and Eponine are the last babies from my last litter. They are beautiful with soft temperaments, bidable, smart, loving and the sweetest Labs you might ever hope to meet. It has been my joy to spend the past 12 years with them and I hope for many more. Big Marius was squishing sister Eponine in the womb and he still squishes her now -- but she seems to like it and be comfortable with his big yellow body draped over hers. They have always been good friends. For a time Marius became best buddies with Obi and Eponine was very close with their mom, Gwendolyn. But with Obi and Gwen both across Rainbow Bridge, Marius and Eponine still have each other and still enjoy each other's company. Marius is a mild mannered gentleman who follows my every move. His silliest trick is one he invented - a Stevie Wonder immitation (clicker trained with the cue "Stevie"). Eponine was my first to learn to shake her head "no" on the cue "You wouldn't do that, would you?". She announces every important turn of events with a "roo roo" and has long been the head of fashion police. Every morning she comes to inspect the clothes I am putting on to see it they are "play clothes" or meant for going out and she reports to the rest of the pack. There is no fooling her with my plans for the day! Both are excellent at keeping everything off the floor that does not belong there by retrieving it to me - no matter what the humans may have intended. They have accepted many foster dogs, a few long term adoptees, a stray cat, and a couple of new puppies. They welcome everyone with their gentle spirits and help me teach the new dogs the ways of the pack. I have been blessed to know and share my life with these 2 wonderful souls - descendants of the beauties that came before them.

Now it's time for the party. We had a good dog walk and play at the pond despite the rainy, cool day. A carrot treat and a nap -- now it's time for riping open new nylabones (unpackaging can be more fun than the bone itself!), rawhides, liver with dinner and whatever else makes them happy on their special day. Happy Birthday my dears - I love you!!! XOXOX

Marius and Eponine are my Lab puppies from Gwendolyn, daughter of Birdie, daughter of Tegan, daughter of Leela - who started the love with her perfect Lab soul. Thanks again for everything "Mud".

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Kelly Gilman said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Marius and Eponine - I love the pic!! Sounds like you had a great day :)