Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Black Lab Makes Fun Portrait Painting

Here is my latest portrait painting. This smiling black Labrador is living the good life now. A friend of his current owner found him on the side of the road, thin and missing patches of hair. Look at him now - glowing with good health and spreading happiness wherever he goes. It was fun to receive a variety of photos of him from which to choose one for this painting. His joie de vivre was evident in every one of them. I hope you can feel it in this portrait too!

The background is much richer and darker in real life. Not sure why my camera didn't pick it up this time. The reference photo was of this sweet dog trotting down his dock to the water and this painting is traveling to Florida, so I wanted to capture a bit of the tropical colors surrounding his happy life. Will have to have a discussion with my camera.

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