Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Dog Gifts, Toys, and Holiday Fun

I hope everyone has had happy and fun holidays! We did and here is a picture with some of the proof. I always get a kick out of how the dogs can find simple pleasures in little things - something I emulate in my own life. Every year I wrap nylabones and other toys for my dogs to open on Christmas morning. This year included 2 boxes with stuffed animals for Tallulah and Nissa who are particularly fond of their stuffed buddies. As you can see, the boxes and wrappings prove to be more fun than the actual presents in the heat of the moment (the 2 new animals from that box thrown aside under the footstool). I always let the dogs make a big mess with wrapping paper and cardboard on Christmas morning. Once they get in the mode they want to help us open every gift, so it's good to have their packages on hand! Twelve year old Eponine is watching from the couch, but she already opened one package herself. Rescue dog Butch couldn't quite believe it, but he got in on the package opening and ripping himself this year (his 2nd Christmas with us). My dogs are so good about not touching anything that isn't theirs all the rest of the year, I like to give them freedom for "the big rip". There's a lot of free fun to be found in an empty cardboard box!

Now we are setting up for a great 2010 - hard to believe it's a new decade already. All of us wish all of you the happiest possible year full of fun, joy in simple pleasures and love every day. Best wishes for a wonderful new year!

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