Monday, April 26, 2010

Black Labrador Painting for Lab Rescue - Shadow

This painting is for my new series of dogs that have gone through shelters and/or rescue programs or that I have rescued myself. 25% - 40% of profits from the sale of prints in this series will be donated to Lab Rescue. Most original Labrador paintings in this series will also be available and donations will be made from those sales as well.

You may recognize this as our old black Lab foster dog, Shadow, from 2009. The reference photo was taken early in his stay with us and I entitled this black Lab painting "I Rest My Weary Head". Shadow was a serious and grumpy guy when he first moved in with us, but he had been through some trying times. He was also grossly overweight, arthritic and, dealing with so much as a 10 1/2 year old man, he was tired. On this particular day he was beginning to adjust and make himself comfortable in our home. Over the course of the 2 months that he lived with us he transformed into a sweet, happy, affectionate smush. His bum elbow slowed him down, but he loved his daily trip to our Lab swimming pond. He would usually stay there while the rest of us walked the paths of our land or he would head back up the hill where he had a better view to watch us. I hope many dog lovers will feel a connection with this senior black Labrador painting and purchase prints. It will be a double positive - you can enjoy the print in your home or make a friend happy with a thoughtful gift and you will be helping Labs in need! Accept my thanks in advance!!

I chose to paint Shadow as one of the first in this new series to celebrate his recent 1-year anniversary in his new forever home. - Live happily ever after, Shadow. You touched our hearts -

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