Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chocolate Labrador Wins and Earns First AKC Title

Nissa continued her winning ways by finishing her Rally Novice AKC title with a score of 99 points (out of 100). She completed her title with 3 first place wins, making me very proud of her. Now she is officially Lobuff OtterTail Noble Nissa, RN. We competed at the 4-day long Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac Specialty Show last week and had a wonderful time (despite the cold, wind and rain on the day of our rally competition). She also placed 4th in her American Bred class in conformation at LRCP. This is a grand show, once again this year it was the largest Labrador show in the world with over 1000 Labs from far and wide. Definitely a gathering of the creme de la creme. I'm not sure what Nissa will do next - either Rally Advanced or Novice Obedience, but we will have fun training no matter what we do! I did not expect her to do as well as my black Lab and Nissa's mentor, Tallulah, but by gosh, she did it! Good job, Nissa!

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