Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Oldest Labs in our Pack

Marius and Eponine celebrated their 13th birthday on Sat., 12 June. It was a miserable hot and humid day, so the party was mostly sedate with all Labs enjoying rawhides in the shade of the big trees. Here are some old pictures of my "babies". These two lovelies were the last puppies I kept from the last litter I bred. What will I ever do without them??

Eponine was a cutie as a pup and just as cute in her prime as these photos show. She is still adorable, but a lot more gray. I love watching her swim these days. She lolly-gaggles along barely moving her feet like a slow stroll, but her proper Labrador coat keeps her floating high like a cork. She can't hear much anymore, but otherwise is in pretty good shape and has a daily "go-dog-go" run in the midst of our pack walk.

Marius was a beautiful puppy and grew into a very handsome man who got compliments everywhere we went. He hates having his picture taken and I'm sad to say I have never gotten a really good picture of his best soft, sweet expression. Here he is having fun with his big balls - as a baby puppy and still up to the same silliness many years later. He hasn't played with the ball at all this year, his back is too weak for wild games. He was also diagnosed with Pannus in April, so he has to wear Doggles to protect his eyes on sunny days now. He doesn't like them much and they are not conducive to "ball-mania". Still, with drops his eyes are stable so he can still see enough to get around and most days his back is strong enough for a leisurely walk and drink from the pond. All in all he's a happy guy.

I named these two for favorite characters from "Les Miserables" because I was les miserable myself when I decided that would be my last litter. But I couldn't be happier about the sweet souls I got to share in my life for the past 13 years. I love you 'Ponine and Man-i-kin Babycake. Thanks for being you!

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