Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yellow Lab Puppy Painting

This one was fun! Cute little Tater has grown up some since the reference photo was taken. This yellow Labrador portrait painting will help keep the lasting memory of her puppy days.  I am often commissioned to paint portraits of elderly pets or those that have already crossed over the bridge.  It was loads of fun to work on this girl with all of her puppy wrinkles!
I couldn't resist adding a little excitement to the background since she is such a fun, up-beat girl.  My collector gave me free rein to choose the background and loved the result.  (I did show her a preview early in the process in case she had a different idea.)
So why not send me your photos and preserve those silly puppy days, kitten antics, or foal follies?  You don't need to wait until your best bud is a sophisticated senior to capture a memory.  Portrait commissions start at $275 and it's a fun process - I promise :-).  For more information check out my OtterTail Dog Art Portrait Painting page.
 Thanks again Tammy and Tater!! May you enjoy many happy years together.

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