Monday, July 08, 2013

Shepherd mix dog portrait painting

Here is one of my latest dog portrait paintings.  This girl was very lucky.  Her mom was adopted from a shelter with no knowledge that she was pregnant at the time.  A month or so later she surprised her new owner with a litter of multi-mix puppies.  Being kind-hearted, she raised the babies and found them all good homes.  This girl went to some close relatives who are also real dog lovers.  She has had a great life!  All dogs who start out with rough beginnings should be so lucky.

They tell me Griffin is the smartest dog ever - and usually in control of every situation!  I hope she likes this painting I did to honor her.  I admit that all the different colors of hair that appear on her face were a challenge for me to capture and retain my abstract style.  It was a good learning experience!

The background colors were chosen to coordinate with the owners' home and other artwork.  I am happy to make a background to fit someone's needs or you can leave me to my own intuition and I'll choose a background the subject suggests to me.  Yes, I talk to all of them -- and my fairies that come in the night to add their magic touches to the work I have done during the day!  I am ok with the idea that people want art to match their decor, so don't be shy - contact me to design a pet portrait painting of your own.

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